Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17, 2008

I arrived in Beijing at one in the afternoon, ahead of schedule. The cab that was sent from the hotel took me to the the "hutongs" the infamously plural alley ways where you can easily get lost. The airport was covered with Olympic Posters, and as my driver's young companion told me me, This is Beijing: lots of traffic.

In fact, it seemed like we almost got into two accidents before we even pulled onto Airport Expressway. From this road I could see the Skeleton of DIGTAL BEIJING, the media brain stem of news in China, once it is finished.

People weaved in an out of traffic with little care, and people on bikes were everywhere. Besides the buildings which are being either renovated or repaired everywhere, the traffic is what made the biggest first impression.

Once, I was dropped off at THE RED LANTERN, one of the oldest hotels in the area, I was picked up on a bike and brought to one of the three halls of the hotel located blocks apart from each other. People cross over streets wherever they please, and I was cautioned to pay attention on the sidewalks, too, where it is not umcommon to see a car drive by.

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