Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19

We got up at a normal hour, 8:30 Beijing time. Kevin working on our navigation, I drawing the courtyard in my sketchbook while eating a "swiss breakfast" of Muselli.

The main two Olympic Buildings, the Bird's Nest Stadium and the Natatorium were our main objective. Construction precluded much of a view from almost every angle besides gaps in the temporary work walls. Still, Digital Beijing loomed impressively while workers ducked under swinging gaps in the fence to return to work.

Along the partially completed sidewalk tourists, both foreign and native, gawked at the buildings from atop piles of material outside the fence. As we walked along the perimeter pedestrians walked in step and around the workers who were plodding along at their various tasks in a relaxed manner.

An hour of circumnavigating led to a traffic check point which afforded us an excellent view of the Structures unmolested with fence to block the view. Citizen's took turns taking their pictures from young to old in front of the Stadium in the great distance.

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